Sky open awning

Sky open awning is a premium system designed and manufactured by Vaila.S.P.A specializing in the world's finest awning screen, and has been manufactured through state-of-the-art technology and strict quality control.
It is specially designed to be easily installed with sliding structure on aluminum frame and it is harmonious with the surrounding construction environment, so it can be both practical and effective in interior design as well as awnings purpose.

It is suitable for a large area of maximum width 13m and 6m in protrusion, Remote Control is available using Somfy Altus motor.
It is France Serge Ferrari material, which is resistant to flame retardancy, waterproofing, antifouling, enhancing the utilization of outside space under rainy or snowy conditions, making ordinary space a special space. It is suitable for town house, commercial facilities, hotels, and pensions.

- Fabric France Ferrari, Spain Recasens
- Frame Italia, Vaila company
- Electric (motor) France, Somfy
- Manual (gear box) Italia profile
- Maximum length 13,000mm(Unlimited when connected)
- Maximum protrusion   length 6,000mm

Sky open awning is a customized handmade product based on the technology of VA.ILA.SPA, the price has been lowered by importing and manufacturing its own parts.

Sky view awning for the place where pillar is not available!! (It is stronger than ordinary awning and advantageous to where there is less protrusion.)

스카이오픈어닝 원단
- Patent technology Precontraint technology Precontraint®
- Thread 1100 dtex high strength polyester, resistance treatment to capillary action
- Weigh 70g/m2 thickness 0.56mm+/-10%
- Width 267cm
- Tensile strength   inclination / weft 230/220 daN/5cm
- Tear strength   inclination / weft 20/20 daN
- Bond strength   slope / weft 9/9 daN
- Antifungal activity Method A, Degree 0, Excellent
- Flame retardant   performance /   standard M2/NFP 92-507? Method 2/NFPA701? B1/DIN 4102-1
M2/UNE 23.727-90? 1530.3/AS NZS
- Authentication ISO 9001 / ISO14001
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